Nanotube Technology

Properties of FIBRIL Nanotubes
Commercially manufactured FIBRIL nanotubes are produced from high purity, low molecular weight hydrocarbons in a proprietary, continuous, gas phase, catalyzed reaction. They are parallel, multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The outside diameter of the tube is approximately 10 nanometers and the length is over 10 microns. As produced, FIBRIL nanotubes are intertwined together in agglomerates. However, Hyperion has developed proprietary techniques to disperse nanotubes.



Advantages of FIBRIL Nanotubes as a Conductive Additive
The unique morphology of FIBRIL nanotubes allows them to be used commercially to make high performance conductive plastics. Nanotubes have a very high aspect ratio (length divided by diameter) of 1000. This means that a very low loading is needed to form a percolating (conductive) mixture with a polymer compared to additives with lower aspect ratios.

The advantages of a low loading of a very small conductive additive will be discussed in the applications sections.

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